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The policy of KGS is to provide Certification Service, in the most cost effective manner, independent and impartial certification and inspection services which combine technical competence with objectivity and integrity. The Service is non-discriminatory in operation, with no undue financial or other conditions, and is available to all. It is the policy of the Service to achieve and maintain recognised accreditation for its activities in order to demonstrate its commitment to providing an efficient, commercially aware, competent service.

To ensure that:

    • All staff understands and complies with the Quality Policy and Objectives as KGS is fully compliant to ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/TS 22003 requirements, MDA Requirements, MDA published and other legal requirements (Act-737).
    • The principle of impartiality is not compromised during the conduct of certification activities and KGS company-wide has a high level of integrity and professionalism; and

All clients receive consistently high standard of service.

  • Audit and Certification Process

    A description of our audit and certification process for granting, maintaining, extending, renewing, reducing, or withdrawing certification can be provided on request in “Regulations Applicable to Holders of KGS Certificates” and supplementary regulations

  • Confidentiality

    Activities carried out for clients shall be treated as confidential to that client unless otherwise agreed.

    Information supplied by clients, the results and documents generated by the certification service and its subcontractors, the contract records that are retained, and the existence of the contract itself (other than any certificates issued) are all treated as “commercial in confidence” and will not be communicated to any third party without written agreement, unless the information is already in the public domain.

    Where the law requires information to be disclosed to a third party, the client will be informed of the information disclosed.

  • Impartiality

    We understand the importance of our mission to provide impartial and highly transparent assessment services for management system certifications/registrations.

    Being in conformance to the international standards, specific requirements and related laws and regulations, we manage interests that have influence on impartiality and ensure performance objective management system certification/registration activities.

  • Certificate Withdrawal and Suspension Policy

    Certificate Withdrawal and Suspension Policy

    Full or partial, temporary suspension or permanent withdrawal of certificates is undertaken in exceptional circumstances and on a case by case basis.

    Examples of circumstances that may lead to suspension are not limited to the following,

    –   The client’s certified management system or product has persistently or seriously failed to meet certification requirements

    –   The certificate holder does not allow surveillance or rectification audits to be conducted at the required facilities or

    –   The certificate holder has voluntarily requested a suspension

    Failure to resolve issues that have resulted in the suspension in a time established by KGS may result in withdrawal or reduction in the scope of certification.

  • Appeals & Complaints

    Appeals Process

    KGS has a procedure for the considering appeals against its decisions relative to certification.

    A customer wishing to appeal should submit the substance of their appeal in writing to the Managing Director who will ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to resolve the issue and will ensure that there are no relationships that may compromise the impartiality of the appeal. If, after implementation of what is considered to be all reasonable steps, the problem is not resolved, the Managing Director will forward the documentation to the Chairman of the Impartiality Committee/Independent certification board for independent adjudication.


    KGS takes complaints against itself and its clients seriously.

    Complaints about KGS are normally submitted in writing. All complaints will be logged and given a unique reference number. The complainant shall always receive a written reply to any written complaint.

    Complaints about a registered client should also be submitted in writing. For this reasons shown below, these complaints may take longer to fully resolve. We will have to confirmed that the client is registered by KGS, and ensure that they are taking appropriate action, and if required confirm compliance during a subsequent audit of the client

    For serious unresolved complaints, the complainant or KGS can request an independent review of the complaint. This request must be made in writing, and will be considered by, the KGS Certification Managing Director, who will forward the documentation to the Chairman of the Impartiality Committee/Independent Certification Board for independent adjudication.

    Certification Status

    KGS makes publicly accessible information about the certification status of each of its clients through the contact us page.    This shows whether a certificate is current, suspended or has been withdrawn.


Popular Standards

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001
  • Occupational Health Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001+MS 1722
  • Medical Device Quality Management System ISO 13485
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point & MS 1480
  • Food Safety Management System ISO 22000